fids3 - the 3rd generation of fids
Digital Signage

In the today's world of communication everyone can make photos and video clips with his smartphone, upload it to e.g. 'YouTube' instantly or just transmit it by email. The professional Fids3 software meets these requirements. It contains a fully functional integration of this media objects and appropriate digital signage capabilities.
Playing Lists

Fids3 contains fully integrated digital signage functionality. This enables the Fids3 user to create as much so-called 'playing lists' he wants. Every playing list is attached to a custom group which matches the information monitors attached to the same group. A playing list can contain an unlimited number of entries (images, videos or Flash).
Custom Uploads

Wouldn't it be nice if you could upload the image or video clip (you have just created with your smartphone) to the FIDS system with just the same device using its browser and wireless capabilities ?

With the Fids3 system this is possible. Just staying in front of a monitor at the airport you can connect to a hot-spot in reach, direct to the appropriate Fids3 service using the smartphone's browser and upload the image/video from your smartphone to the Fids3 server. After the upload has been finished you are able to change immediately the appropriate playing list to add the new media object on-the-fly. Just a few moments later you will see the image/video you just have created with your smartphone on the Fids3 information monitor you are staying in front of.

That's the way modern systems should work today.
Intelligent Media Distribution

To prevent unnecesarry network traffic and heavy load on the Fids3 server caused by streaming operations Fids3 distributes all digital signage media objects (e.g. videos) to the video controller PCs connected to the monitors. This enables the video controllers local streaming of it. Once you have uploaded a new media object to the Fids3 server it automatically manages its distribution.

All this operations happen automatically and the Fids3 user hasn't be aware of this.

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