fids3 - the 3rd generation of fids

One of the most important benefits of the Fids3 software solution is its consequently hardware independency. This means that all components (servers, video controller and
client workstations, LCD monitors, network components etc.) are off-the-shelf equipment and can be sourced from commonly available and proven brands (e.g. Hewlett Packard, Samsung or Cisco).

We do not deal with hardware and therefor we are not interested to build up proprietary hardware depedencies (e.g. by any native controller hardware or communication protocols). The benefits for the customer are obviously:
  • Technical independency
  • Costs cutting
  • Locally sourced hardware implies high availibilty and less shipment costs
  • Maintenence and support by local IT companies
A typically, monitor based Fids3 system consists of the following hardware components:
  • One or two servers (Single Server/Hot-Standby)
  • Any number of LCD Monitors (e.g. Samsung, NEC)
  • Video Controller PCs (One for each monitor, equipped with the F3 controller extension)
  • Cat-6/7 network with standard components (switches, routers)
  • Staff/Operator Client workstations (browser access)

Fids3 can be configured as
  • Single Server System
  • Hot-Standby System (2 redundant and full mirrored servers, high availibility)
The dimensioning of the server depends on the amount of clients wokstations and video controllers connected to the system. The system design itself hasn't any limitation and is scalable to any size.

Normally we use Hewlett Packard 'ProLiant servers' (e.g DL380 G7). If the customer prefers a different brand (e.g Dell, IBM) it can be done and means no technically limitation.
Monitors and video controllers

Fids3 enables you to display your flight information using any LCD monitor brand available on the market (e.g. Samsung, NEC). A single monitor unit consists of
  • The LCD monitor
  • A thin-client PC acting as the video controller
The only pre-condition for the thin-client PC is to run the free Firefox browser on it, so you can run Windows XP embedded as well as any Linux OS (e.g. Ubuntu) coming with this popular and stable browser. Fids3 is delivered with a so-called F3 controller (F3C). This is a small software module running inside the Firefox browser as an extension and which communicates with the Fids3 server to control and arrange the content (e.g. flight information) to be displayed.
A typically dimensioning of a video controller PC is
  • Ubuntu 11.04 or Windows XP Embedded
  • Firefox Browser v3.6 or better
  • Graphic card supporting the inquired resolution (1366x768, 1920x1080 etc.)
  • 1 GB memory (2 GB for video streaming)
  • 160 GB hard disk or higher
The most monitor manufacturers provide also integrated solutions (LCD monitor with PC inside). However, we recommend to keep the PC outside/separately of the monitor, because it mostly is the cheaper option and makes you more flexible in case of any hardware defectives/replacements.

We provide several video controller models which are coming read-to-run prepared and intended for piggyback fastening on the monitors back or the wall behind the monitor. For more information refer to our hardware manual.
Operator and staff client workstations

Fids3 doesn't need any special client software to be installed. Every PC you have a browser available on and which is connected to the FIDS network can access the Fids3 system.

The consequently integration of Internet Browser technology enables the usage of todays mobile devices (e.g. Apples iPad or Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone). So due to the web architecture of the Fids3 system mobile connectivity is naturally part of its functionality.

From the technically point of view a Fids3 system is a normal, conventional network.

All components (servers, video controllers and client workstation PCs) wired together using standard network cables Cat-6/7 and components (switches, routers). So, for its installation no specific know how is necessary and it easily can be done by any local IT/network company.

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