fids3 - Advanced F.I.D.S. Technology

  The monitor/TFT concept of Fids3

Fids3 is designed to drive any kind of flight information display hardware/controller on the market. Due to the modern software concept and the generically conception the effort for software integration is reduced to a minimum.

Fids3 already equipped with a ready-to-use software solution for displaying flight information on monitors/TFT devices. Technically this solution is based on the HTML protocol. Every display unit consists of a monitor (with PC included) and a browser running inside. A plug-in extension module provided by Fids3 enables the browser to communicate with the Fids3 server system and allows it to get full control over it.

Figure: The F3C controller browser plugin module

This HTML based solution offers several benefits:

  • Full display power of modern browsers (HTML 4/5, JavaScript, CSS, Flash, Mp4 etc.)
  • Template based monitor configuration
  • Full independency from proprietary protocol and display hardware
  • Unlimited support of character sets/fonts and graphical resolution

The display power of this solution you can discover here and here.

Fids3 offers several so-called 'Display Layout Templates' for different resolutions and usages (e.g. Gate, Check-In). New/Changed templates are provided in compressed zip files and contain the HTML/Javascript based template file itself and all associated images, style sheets, javascript code files etc. and can be uploaded to the Fids3 server using an appropriate, integrated service which is integrated part of the system.

Figure: Fids3's integrated upload functionality

Once you have uploaded any template it automatically appears in the display configuration form of Fids3 inside a combo box.

Figure: Template based display configuration in Fids3

Figure: Display layout combo box in Fids3

To select a monitor’s layout or change it you just have to update the logical display entry in the Fids3 configuration. You easily can select the new layout using a combo box, preview it with your own airports LIVE data and optionally activate it by a single update to your display(s). This can be done from the server or even from the monitor which contains the Firefox browser and consequently offers full access to the Fids3 server system.

Figure: A 16x9 check-In counter monitor layout

This concept is an alternative to the common display configuration/design tools. This software mostly is comprehensive, complicated and the results are mostly poor and not presentable to the public without any post processing. The Fids3 solution enables you to use all Fids3 templates published on the homepage. Its activation can be done on-the-fly in a few minutes (during the running system, without any reboot). Additionally you can use any HTML page editor on the market to create individual variations or even create completely new designs. If you are interested to make your own designs available to other airports they can be added to the public template download pool.

Figure: A 16x9 baggage directory monitor layout