fids3 - the 3rd generation of fids
  Keep passengers informed

The right information at the right time at the right place. That's what an essential key system of airport operations - the FIDS (Flight Information Display System) - has to provide to.

Extended requirements to modern, state-of-the-art systems are a representative presentation of the flight information and the affiliation with today's internet/mobile communication network.

The FIDS is the interface between the airport and the passenger and an indispensable tool for staff information exchange and broadcasting as well.

Fids3 is a modern system written in a modern programming language (100% Java©) which assures full connectivity to the today's world of communication/software concepts (internet, intranet, mobile communication, SMS, browser technology, E-Mail).

Fids3 is the worldwide 1st system which is Live available with it's full functionality. This opens potential customer's new perspectives. Total availability (24x7) and extreme stability are evident.

Fids3 is going to be a comprehensive information system which provides more than just serving a few monitors with flight information.

It includes a complete staff system and is - due to its uncompromising internet connectivity naturally a web-server/mobile-proxy system as well. Fids3 is continuously developed, extended and equipped with new interesting features.

Fids3 has the self-demand to show you what's possible with today's modern software technology.

For evaluation purposes we have prepared a special server running in the net. For this one you can apply evaluation accounts with extended operating rights. These accounts give you the opportunity to play a little bit around and get familiar with the Fids3 system.
  What fids3 stays for ?

Fids3 stays for '3rd generation (F)light (I)nformations (D)isplay (S)ystem'.

Before the personal computer (PC) came up there were a lot of miscellaneous systems mostly developed in assembler language on different hardware platforms (e.g. Dec VAX, Microvax, PDP11, Honeywell Bull DPS3). Hardware was very heavy and expensive. There were absolutely no standards. This was the 1st generation of FIDS.

Beginning of the 90ties the personal computer (PC) was developed. The power of this new generation of computers was improved dramatically and the first implementations of the PC-based UNIX V operation system became available. For the same time the programming language 'C' consolidated as a standard. This was the technical environment the most of the today's available FIDS are (still) based on (A UNIX based FIDS written in 'C' with proprietary Windows based clients (PCs) which are network/serial connected to the FIDS server). This was the 2nd generation of FIDS.

The today's technical environment is dominated by the total networking provided by the internet. The browser is the standard client interface (HTML) which nearly everyone is familiar in using it today. The today's penetration of mobile devices (Cellphones, Web-Pads) is comparable to the TV penetration. The latest generation of mobile phones will offer comprehensive graphical features (e.g. the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a resolution of 1280x720 pixels).
This enables you to communicate with the network in a way we haven't seen before. This also will influence the way the airport's staff will communicate with the existing software systems. Using a today's smart phones makes it possible to communicate to the Fids3 system without any functional restrictions compared to a normal Intranet/Internet browser client. This is only possible because Fids3 uses 100% browser technology for all its front-ends and public monitor displays.

The software world is dominated by the programming language Java© which is really portable and perfectly designed for today's Internet communications. Several open-source projects offer professional cost-free software products/platforms (databases, middleware) and are well accepted/used in today's enterprise development as well.

Fids3 is designed for the Internet and the mobile future without any compromises. It hasn't any dependency on any software license (operating system, middleware, database), hardware or proprietary protocols. Add a Fids3 server to the airports LAN and have real-time flight data available everywhere just using the browser. Modern AJAX technology supported by all modern browsers enables this. Fids3 makes you independent from any TFT monitor brand/manufacturer and uses the popular and free Firefox© browser capabilities for perfect monitor layouts. (See example here)

This is the reason why it is called Fids3 ('The 3rd generation of FIDS).

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